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24 Pack - Fernbank Creek Original Dry Cider - Batch #1 ($3.66 Festival SPECIAL)

24 Pack - Fernbank Creek Original Dry Cider - Batch #1 ($3.66 Festival SPECIAL)

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Discounted Price for the Port Macquarie Beer & Cider Festival

This is the very first batch of our small batch craft cider and is at the dry end of the scale rather than the sweet end. Get it while it lasts as we only filled 2,000 bottles with this batch and it's getting better all the time.

This cider recently won a Silver Medal at the Australian Cider Awards in the New World Dry Cider category.

Each batch is unique and is influenced by the fruit available and the environmental conditions during the growing season. This batch is made from Australian table apples and was fermented until dry hence the Alcohol volume of 6.3% which is pretty normal for a real dry craft cider.

Our cider is Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly and has No added sugar.

Unlike beer cider lasts much longer in the bottle but we hope that won't matter as you'll drink it all before you get to the expiry date.

Our cider is crushed and pressed by our own hands and is of course made from 100% Australian grown apples as certified by Cider Australia. ABV 6.3%

Please drink responsibly.

To minimise postage and reduce packaging we send our 24 packs in as small a box as possible.